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Access to a high-profile employer can be key to your agency’s growth

Why work with us?

You can significantly reduce acquisition costs & increase revenues by easily finding new opportunities for your candidate network

  • Outsourced business development
  • Work in an Open Marketplace
  • No more new contracts or collections
  • Deal directly with employers
  • Keep track of activity & success
How it works?
  • Employers post job vacancies with Hyrefox
  • Hyrefox engages you by publishing the requirement and notifying
  • You source candidates and submit them for respective requirements using your secure login
  • Hyrefox reviews submissions & passes to employers for further review
  • Employer awards payout to Hyrefox on successful selection
  • Hyrefox passes on the payout to you immediately
HyreFox agencies can...
  • Skip procurement and work directly with HR
  • Start working with new clients without stopping for paperwork
  • Request engagement and submit candidates to any marketplace job
  • Save time in the back office
  • Remove time wasted on contract preparation and negotiation
  • Take advantage of our leverage to help manage ownership disputes and appeals
  • Outsource invoicing, payments and collections
  • Keeping your business running is more than just making successful placements. Let us help you reduce the complexity of managing your business


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